sound and amplifications



Introduction – Handcraft Instruments of Kabyle – Menad NAIT KACI. Algeria. A noté of Humane to Wood; «

Perpendicular Weight. A réflective principale of Hydrogène from inter to outre systèmes of Chloride. You get your Mass squared of that by Buoyancy (of the Lung)

N22, Stefany Fisher. 2018.



E29DDA4B-FD91-46C8-87F2-501F9DBD0868Radioactivity in infinite. The basic structure of sound in Principle is always Right to Left, thus, the electromagnetic activity between hearts are in the lymph node, and breathing conjoins it’s points, through sound- in Co2. Image: the propellor (mouth) will be the reactor to nucleic reactions in any energy retaining it’s weight n^2.

Your Cavonic System…



Latitudes = (Pdf, Formula 2).

Longitude in AV Node. It’s Principle: Nuclear soundwaves will extract into New waves under any opposing Light.

 ° of full filment= the Human Anatomical Système

proportions R i; Article 5




Ministry of Culture, National OFFICE of Copyright and Neighboring Rights, MENAD NAIT KACI. fine art&design, AN AUTHENTIC COMPANY. 2019.

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