Nothing. There is nothing left of any truth or peace of mind. And its balance a theft.  For I do not wish to proceed without you and you have needed nothing of me to keep you here.  And time it moves backwards and my heart continues pump out its shame. And must no more and guilt of its quality, for I do not understand why of its theft is of it’s just.

Or for its quality be not mine heart so bare that of time.  It nature only finds of its truth and sadness fill its gaps of an absent host.

And as days passes and night prolongs, it is duty of its only strong I have left to identify with you.  That of human nature. For I do not understand you in trade that did not understand me, and we had broke up.  This amongst is clearly defined. Though I know not the man that I have seen and confronted thereafter, and I search stead for the man I had met of his castle, and shared I. Was left with no choice.

So to be just I keep my promises to both, as in time perhaps will bare in of its fruits of mine labor, the fruits of what thought as worthless that I did trade, my own sanity be fair.

And silence, the answers drawn its swords of silence.

In Reality now, acceptance refuse, and still adrift utter loneliness, for of my mistakes go unreplaced, and gone, completely you are gone, and I in wrong can never be right.

Of your music I heard, so happy I was when we, and never before did I feel that happiness before in my life, and taken from me, so easily, and destiny, she was, I believed, but when Reality come, alone I bared.  

For what is produced now is far more valuable than when is said and done, and for sale? The sale is cost abundant only of his minerals, and threads no strings attached.

And copies, worth less than a true value to hold. For of 85 only and. I _\\\\\\\Qa.

For I don’t give a 1shotA_[W”take as entendu of Truth, and decide stead own, for mine04 of my daughter and is just of its past that I thought you should know. Yes, it is fair you to know.

Scars.  And scars go unseen, and unnoticed. And misinterpreted. And comes back from out the other end.  And I am wrong. For my feelings.

And as time passes I think I may have learned my lesson, that you will be replaced by time or is it feel I may, still I refuse to let go, because I cannot for instilled in my memory so more instilled in my heart. And I don’t expect you to understand my heart nor was it ever your responsibility to, just what is, I let go to just never let go after its gone.


בCopyright Stefany Fisher.


And you for I say ask why; I did and do face the humi,Atkin


Series 5. 

Root dynamics.

S (Si contingent).

Unit U. 


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