Thé human Heart is a vehicle that pushes through the waters Of the body and elevates the thoughts upon its height. In specific degrees, the formula called estrogen is the same evolving plateau of a negative cavity personalized between time and space.


In and under the ground.

Only Y can contain thé hormones needed for the appropriate speed that regulates impulse between time and space.


The Wheel. And why fixed proportion – influx is a unique time to gravity penetration by proportioning space directly, and indirectly [pr°] ~Ù. InFlux carries over thé Weight of Light from a Prefix Proportion of Ù (thé Cortex).

Pushing it » – in Wheel and hormones can a spécifié dégrée of certainty that fall flat to thé allocated break called time, [ne]~>Er, and ils slope; called the blood vessels.

tY molecules to any given Armן

Fine Art &Design 2003-17; 18.

ףCopyright Stefany Fisher.

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